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About Major League Performance and Chris Cottingham

MLP - A Results Focused Environment.....with a Little Fun Thrown in

Owner and lead trainer Chris Cottingham operates Major League Performance with one guiding principle - MLP exists to help athletes young and old achieve their athletic and fitness goals. Through a combination of X-Fit and Olympic lift exercises, with some cardio and a lot of flexibility exercises and stretches thrown in, Chris and his team will have you reaching fitness and strength goals you might have thought unreachable.

Getting Fit the MLP Way

At MLP your trainer will put together a customized exercise program designed to help you meet your goals.  Whether you are looking to lose some weight, add strength and power, or just want to improve your fitness level, your trainer will guide you every step of the way.

Take a One Week Free MLP Test Drive

Our Test Drive Program is simple. Try us out for a week and see what you think. Just don't hold it against us if we have you feeling wonderfully invigorated.....and a little sore, at the end of the week.

Why Choose MLP?

Cost Effective Personal Training

A personal trainer who can keep you focused and help adjust your exercise program as your strength and fitness levels change makes all the difference.  The MLP membership format  makes it affordable to have your own personal trainer to guide you through your workouts and keep you on track. Whether you need help with a lifting technique, input on adjustments to your workout program or you just need encouragement to push through that last set, your MLP trainer will be there for you.

Sport Specific Focus

At MLP we are proud of the reputation we have built around our sport specific training programs. We have worked local baseball players players, many of whom are on track for college and/or professional careers, who needed training assistance to meet their goals. Success on the baseball diamond depends on a unique combination of strength, speed, explosiveness and flexibility, and our  baseball training program focuses on all those components.

Fitness and Nutrition Nexus

Whatever your fitness goals, they become more achievable when you incorporate a nutrition component into your program.  Your MLP trainer will work with you to build a realistic nutrition plan aimed at your specific goals - weight loss, weight and muscle gain or general fitness maintenance. We will work with you on meal and snack ideas, and we will work with both you and your young athlete meal preparation - yes, young athletes can take responsibility for preparing ome of their own healthy meals and snacks.

MLP Personal Trainer Programs

General Fitness - MLP X-Fit "Community"

Our trainers work with each member to create a customized exercise program designed to deliver on the member's individual goals. We have members who want to gain strength while maintaining flexibility, members who want to drop pounds and others who want to add weight and muscle, and we have members who want to improve in certain sport specific performance metrics. Bring us your goals, and we will put a program together to meet them, and then we will plug you into the MLP "Community" - our home away from home.

Baseball Specific Training - Power/Speed/Velocity

Major League Performance offers a full range of baseball specific training programs, all designed to improve performance in the the four key player evaluation tests - power (measured by bat exit speed), running speed in the 40 and 60 yard dash, throwing velocity, and for catchers, POP time.  We have programs available for players as young as 10 years old right through to high school, and we design custom programs for local college and professional players, as well.

Weight Lifting Club - Barbell Training & Technique

Whether you are an experience weight lifter, or newcomer to barbell sports, Major League Performance has a program for you. Our weight lifting coaches are USAWA certified, and they are available to help you with all the technical aspects of Olympic style weight lifting.  For those who are interested in competing, our club regularly attends local and regional weigh lifting events. 


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